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Current / Recent Projects


J D Wetherspoon plc

J D Wetherspoon plc operate 800+ pubs around the UK and I have been engaged by them for two contract periods totalling six years. The first was from May 2004 to September 2005 to manage the implementation of new supply chain systems and again in April 2007 until September 2011 to design, develop and implement new back office and EPOS systems into their pub estate.

The Supply Chain project arose as a result of Wetherspoon bringing their supply chain management in-house after years of out-sourcing to a third party. They now control the supplier relationships and the supply chain processes. They built a new central Distribution Centre in Daventry and have contracted DHL to manage the warehouse and logistics.

Consequently new systems and processes were required to handle ordering upon suppliers, to stock the Distribution Centre, receive stock into the centre, the generation of replenishment orders from the pub systems, the dispatch of orders to the pub and the receiving of orders at the pub.

At the core of this new process is a Microsoft Biztalk message hub that transfers the transactions between the various systems in the process and keeps a record of each transaction. Other systems are used for ordering in the pubs (including automated suggested orders), purchase orders on suppliers (linked directly to the accounts ledgers), and warehouse management.

I managed the implementation of these systems for Wetherspoon which went live in the distribution centre in June 2004 and all pubs during the summer of 2004. I then conducted a post implementation review of the project and carried out business analysis and produced a business case for a further Phase.

In April 2007 I was asked to return to lead a major £15m programme for new back office and EPOS systems for the pub estate. I lead the design, development and implementation phases resulting in a successful conclusion of the programme in February 2011. The programme included a major review and further developments of Wetherspoon’s IT infrastructure to comply with PCI-DSS regulations and compliance was achieved in July 2009. I was then asked to take over an existing project for new property management systems which I managed until the completion of my contract in September 2011.

B.I.C. Books Returns Project – Macmillan, Thomson and Waterstones

I was contracted in March 2002 by Special Media Solutions Limited who were the book industry’s sole supplier for the centralised return of unsold books for disposal. I was again contracted in 2005 for further developments and a complete redevelopment of the system in 2012.  I initially worked with the book industry central body, BIC (Book Industry Communication) on the arrangements for a centralised books disposal system and process that was developed into a pilot for Macmillan Distribution. I designed, specified and commissioned new systems to be installed at H M Prison, Altcourse in Liverpool to control the receiving of books and, using bar code scanning technology, match the books received from retailers and other distributors against returns authorizations generated by Macmillan. These systems went live in late 2002 and were further enhanced in late 2003 to allow the prison to process books returned for re-distribution as well as just those for disposal.

During the latter part of 2005 I managed the complete upgrade and re-development of these systems to cope with vastly increased volumes and supervised the installation of the new systems into a larger unit at the prison. These new systems went live in November 2005 handling all of Macmillan’s returned books. These systems are now handling book returns at the rate of 5 million per annum.

During the early part of 2006 I managed a new implementation for Thomson Publishing based upon a completely new concept of using Thomson’s own systems on-line. A new infrastructure was implemented whereby systems at Altcourse were connected via secure VPN links to Thomson’s network in Andover.

I then managed the modification of the systems to handle books returns from Waterstones stores with onward return to suppliers. Waterstones were the first retailer to use SMS’s services and this entailed the addition of an extra stage in the books returns process. The Waterstones system went live in August 2006 handling books returns from stores as part of a stock rationalisation and consolidation programme.

Long Time Ventures Limited has now taken over the business interests of Special Media Solutions and books returns processing has been moved to HM Prison Forest Bank in north Manchester. I was contracted for a third time in February 2012 to manage the complete redevelopment of the books returns systems to incorporate new requirements for Macmillan Distribution and this project is scheduled for completion in November 2012.

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