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Chip & Pin / PCI-DSS


There is no doubt that the CHIP & PIN programme has had a major impact upon retailers systems and processes and the introduction of the PCI-DSS regulations has spread the impact deep into retailers’ IT infrastructures.

I am particularly well placed to assist retailers with the management and implementation of their EFTPOS and PCI-DSS projects.

I started my career in retail operations and have maintained a commercial and retailing operations involvement for most of my career. I have ensured retailers' needs are met by systems developments and implementations for both major retail companies and their suppliers. My experience in EPOS and EFTPOS has been extensive.

I have summarised the relevant experience below:

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Relevant experience

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JD Wetherspoon plc



I was responsible for a major review of IT systems at JD Wetherspoon and managed systems and infrastructure changes to achieve PCI-DSS compliance in July 2009.


The programme I managed for new back-office and EPOS systems included EFTPOS at all pubs handling debit, credit and cash back transactions that were authorised on-line and captured through centralised systems.


Pizza Hut (UK) Limited : 2001-2002  

Programme Manager

Responsible for an extensive £10m systems development and implementation programme including new EPOS to incorporate EFTPOS capability. Responsibility for new on-line internet ordering facility trial for delivery orders - card payments included in plan but not implemented.

I.T. Manager

Also responsible as I.T. manager for daily operations including PDQ terminals in each restaurant for card payments authorisation and capture. Advised Finance Department on the replacement of PDQ terminals with new Natwest Streamline terminals (to include CHIP & PIN functionality) as an interim to new EPOS systems.

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Nurdin & Peacock : 1995-1996

Retail Systems

Responsibility for providing independent retail customers with EPOS systems including EDI for ordering and stock replenishment. Directly responsible for scheme to provide EFTPOS on-line authorisation and transactions using Natwest Streamline to some 2,000 Nurdin & Peacock independent retailers.

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Somerfield Stores : 1993-1994

Systems Account
Manager - Retail

Responsible for liaison between retail operations departments and systems development teams for major systems implementations including extensive IBM EPOS scanning systems in 400 stores with full EFTPOS capability. Included network links via X25 packet switched network for card authorisation, hot card files, etc.

Some involvement with merchant acquirer banks.

Specific liaison with retail operations teams on procedures for card authorisation handling.

Responsible for retailer preparation for potential involvement in MONDEX scheme in Swindon.

Conducted investigations and initial analysis for EPOS solutions for 200+ smaller stores including EFTPOS capability.

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Nixdorf Computer /
Siemens Nixdorf : 1984-1989

Branch Manager -
Non-food Retail

Business Unit responsibility for non-food retail sector including all sales, development and project delivery.

Supervised work for EFTPOS implementations to APACS on-line standards for Toys 'R' US, Allders, Dixons Group, Peacocks Stores, C&A, Eastern Electricity, North Eastern Electricity, Laura Ashley.

Some liaison with APACS and merchant acquirer banks on behalf of the retailer as appropriate.

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